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Conditions for admission

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If you are interested in membership in the "Chrysler Club Czechoslovakia axes" and agree with the statutes and ethical code, the download link on the main page of the application form, fill it out, sign and send it to the address of the club, which is in the statutes. a originál Applications can also send scanned mail to" data-mce-href=""> and give us the original post on any of the events.

Upon receipt of the application and its approval by the club you will create a user account to access the private section of the site Any candidates who have already sent the application form, please be patient, the committee must discuss.

The rules for accepting new members - methodology:
If files an application for an active member of the Forum, whom we know personally, if it recommends at least one member of the committee and other committee members are not against, the membership will soon. (This covers the majority of long-term active members, which meet regularly)
If any member files an application from the forum which however do not recommend 2 / 3 of committee members (due to low activity or where the Committee concludes that the applicant does not comply with the Code or Statutes), get membership. However, it has the possibility of its proactive approach, meeting with committee members and presented a clear prerequisite for compliance with the code after the club again apply for membership, participate in club events and activities may be based on information on the club website on Facebook.
If files an application for an active member of the Forum and from now on with the discussions on our website, who personally knows of no member of the committee membership may (subject to the conditions of the Code) in the case of the absolute majority of the committee to get a "conditional" on the one year - after this time will have the opportunity through participation in any meeting, or other personal meeting with any member of the Committee shall be personally present. Just when one member of the committee to recommend such member, then his membership becomes valid.
Membership may also be due to major benefits for the club established as "Honorary Membership".Conditions of acceptance of an honorary member of the club are still discussed and the discussion will be published immediately.
For clarity we deliver, is not that active membership in any "political" activities, as might be presented. An active member is one that comes to us look at some of the events (both club as well as meeting U.S. cars on which we present as a club) and is willing to help other members, share their experiences, tutorials,howapod know. This is not "kádrování" as some of you understood. Each member of the "prokádruje" itself by its actions. Any more is not.

Current experience with the club committee agreed on the fact that after admission to the club will be a new member account is activated only when the account arrives at the club's membership fee. Until then use the account will be registered only as an outsider, which he is established, if it did not establish itself via the Internet. After paying his will on this account increased privileges and have access to all member sections.

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